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"When the aroma of hay mixed with sweet-scented flowers filled the air, one became overwhelmed with excitement and elation"

Alexander Kazbegi

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From reconnecting with nature to spiritual pilgrimages, an extensive range of self-guided trekking tours and activities give guests an invaluable insight into the Kazbegi region.

Treks vary in lengths and difficulties – anything from couple of hours to several days.

Gergety Trinity Church

The isolated location of the Gergeti Trinity Church, which is perched on the Kazbeg mountain range and surrounded by the vastness of nature, has made it a spiritual symbol of the Caucasus region.

Gveleti Waterfall

Gveleti boasts itself with immensely invigorating and refreshing waterfalls.


One of the region’s most prominent cultural hubs, where centuries old stone masonry and carpentry is still practiced and taught by master craftsmen.


A journey to the remote village of Juta offers complete immersion in the wild beauty of Kazbegi’s landscape.

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Horseback riding - truly an original experience, which allows to explore the region as a local.

An experience that allows you to free your mind and body in the air while soaring through mist and powdered mountain peaks.

Face-to-face with Snow-capped Mountains

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