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Kazbegi- Vastness of Nature
The spectacular surroundings of Rooms Hotel Kazbegi permeate every aspect of the hotel - both tangible and experiential - the latter of which is catered for by a team of sublimely knowledgeable local guides.

Trending Tours

From reconnecting with nature to spiritual pilgrimages, an extensive range of tailored trekking tours and activities give guests an invaluable insight into the Kazbek region.

Our experienced guides lead treks of varying lengths and difficulties – anything from couple of hours to several days

Gergety Trinity Church

The isolated location of the Gergeti Trinity Church, which is perched on the Kazbek mountain range and surrounded by the vastness of nature, has made it a spiritual symbol of the Caucasus region. Accessible by a moderate hike or 4x4 vehicle, orthodox service can still be observed at the stunning 14th Century church.

Gveleti Waterfall

Gveleti boasts itself with high waterfalls, which are immensely invigorating and refreshing. There's also a lovely little lake, where you can amble through the open meadowlands.


One of the region’s most prominent cultural hubs, where centuries-old stone masonry and carpentry is still practiced and taught by master craftsmen. Retaining contemporary significance as the birthplace of Georgia’s patriarch, the village is also of architectural importance thanks to the original 16th century signal tower


A journey to the remote village of Juta offers complete immersion in the wild beauty of Kazbegi’s landscape. Guests can stay overnight in a humble shepherd’s hut in the shadow of the majestic Chaukhi rock formation and under a seemingly endless starry sky.

Our in-house guides have also conquered regions across Georgia- be it Kakheti, Tbilisi, Svaneti or the sea- side Batumi. If you're planning to go beyond Kazbegi, they are ready to help you meet your expectations.

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"When the aroma of hay mixed with sweet-scented flowers filled the air, one became overwhelmed with excitement and elation"

Alexander Kazbegi

Go Local

Horseback riding - truly an original experience, which allows to explore the region as a local. Almost all must-see destinationts can be reached on horseback.


Staying at Rooms Hotel Kazbegi has lots of joys, one of them can de nitely be the excitement of riding All-Terrain Vehicles (a.k.a. quad-bikes) in stunning surroundings of Stepantsminda. Tours are available all year round.

Biking Tours

Healthy and adventurous. Ultimate wild feeling accompanies biking around in Stepantsminda and if guessed, this service is also offered by the hotel. Flashy rides definitely reflect to the design experience

Face-to-face with snow-capped mountains

An experience that allows you to free your mind and literally to free your body in the air while soaring through mist and powdered mountain peaks


Snowshoeing is for nature lovers to discover region in complete freedom. It's extremely fun and easy as pie. With the right snowshoes that is provided by the hotel, you can access the trails normally inaccessible in winter due to the deep snow


There's nothing better than camping under the stars, and there is no better place for stargazing and exploring the night sky than Chaukhi base camp. For night sky enthusiasts spot great views of the Milky Way, planets, and hard-to-see astronomical objects


Our guides are young professionals, lovers of mountains and adventures, who have been involved in recreational outdoor activities including mountaineering, climbing and trekking for years now. They know the area inside out, are always enthusiastic to share their knowledge. To make the journey as genuine as possible they will take you to local families and introduce you to local culture of native people

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