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About Us

We are thrilled to be standing behind the world’s Next Generation Jet Ranger Helicopter, Bell 505, taking us to new heights. Now it is easier than ever to explore Georgia, even on a tight schedule, with friends, family or business partners. Being so rich, diverse and unspoiled in nature, the new perspective from above impresses with its breathtaking panoramas.

While we are discovering new places and mapping out cutting-edge itineraries, we're exited to offer you our featured destination - Kazbegi. It is extremely diverse, ranging from the wide open spaces to unique ridges, weathered peaks and dramatic rocky gorges. Flying around the icy top of Mount Kazbeg during sunrise/sunset, when the summit is lit up with a brilliant red glow, will leave anyone speechless.

Short Flight

We call it a short flight, but these 15 minutes are enough to have you dazed with Kazbegi's spectacular bird’s eye view. With its diverse landscapes ranging from wide open spaces to unique ridges, weathered peaks and dramatic rocky gorges, it surely impresses.

Price: $ 375 / 3 Passengers; Calculated per flight.

Extended Flight

Fly high into the sky. The extra 10 minutes added to the short flight can do wonders. Not only you will be embracing the bird's eye view of the region, but if the weather allows, you will be able to land on breathtaking Truso Valley near a small mineral mountain lake.

Price $ 625 / 3 Passengers; Calculated per flight.

Ultimate Helicopter Adventure

Lets get your adrenaline pumping by taking you on a helicopter ride over some truly remarkable natural wonders. The 45 minute flight gives you a whole new perspective of Kazbegi region and its surroundings, that certainly makes for an unforgettable experience. We are able to show you so much more in such a little time. We'll fly towards the Chaukhi Mountains (so called "dolomites of Georgia") bordering Khevusreti region, that is a destination in itself worth visiting separately. Afterwards we will head back to breathtaking Truso Valley, fly around the icy top of Mount Kazbegi and take a look Gergeti Trinity Church - the ancient pearl of Kazbegi region and land in the courtyard of Rooms Hotel Kazbegi.

Price: $ 1125 / 3 Passengers; Calculated per flight.

Tour to Khevsureti

Shatili, the highland village, located (1440 m) on the northern slope of the Great Caucasus represents a combination of the untouched nature, ancient history and well-preserved traditions. The medieval architecture of fortresses and towers dominates the exotic landscape of this unique region. Even more archaic and isolated is the historic village of Mutso with an iconic fortification which, perched on a rocky mountain (1880m), features about thirty fortified structures and four defensive towers built on three vertical terraces.

Since 2007 Shatili has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list and anyone visiting this part of Georgia will be surrounded by majestic mountains, medieval havens, and the untouched Caucasian alpine nature.

Charter Flight

The most popular destination is Tbilisi - Kazbegi (or vice versa), but we can arrange flights in different regions around Georgia upon request. We're not offering just a means of transportation; Flying in a helicopter provides a unique perspective and thrilling adventure that can not be replicated by any other aircraft or vehicle. Visibility, front or back seat, is just overwhelmingly impressive.

Price $2200 / 3 Passengers; Calculated per flight.

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We are very flexible and ready to design tailor-made tours. Get in touch, we would love to talk to you.

Rates vary according to particular requests.

Contact details:
E: aviator@adjaragroup.com
T: +995 577 322 221 ; +995 577 322 220 (WhatsApp Friendly)

14 M. Kostava Street
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