Discrete Figures • Tbilisi International Festival Of Theatre

Dance performance generating bodily expression through mathematical / collective intelligence-based methodology. With AI and machine learning offering new insights into the body schema and movement, numeric data and analytical results derived from it inform the choreography. A neighborhood search system matches pose data from stage footage and movies with dancer pose data, for instance, to project imagery of poses closest to theirs into a rectangular on-stage frame. Analysis of lobby-shot day-of-show audience footage and dancers’ motion data is used to project audience members on-screen as dancers themselves, while on-stage implements from microdrones to the frame respond to dancers’ movements based on various rules and algorithms to generate new bodily expressions. Presented since 2018 in cities around the world including Montréal (Canada), San Francisco (U.S.A.), Tokyo and Barcelona (Spain).

2019 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division Excellent Award

Duration: 60 minute

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