Future Presence

The exhibition 'Future Presence' is dedicated to researching postwar architecture in Tbilisi and the former state-Socialist countries. The exhibition combines three independent expositions.
The exhibition, presented by ‘Tbilisi Architecture Archive’ about the aquatic sports complex Laguna Vere, aims to underline its architectural side and socio-cultural significance.
The 'ICONIC RUINS?' exhibition seeks to reveal the parallels in the architecture of the four Visegrad countries’ shared state-Socialist past and to initiate a broader discussion of the immediate future of the critically at-risk cultural heritage of late Modernism.
The exhibition 'Future Presence' also presents the results of a workshop, conducted with the 2nd-year students from the Architecture program in the Visual Arts, Architecture, and Design School of the Free University of Tbilisi. The students have been engaged in a weekly workshop with local experts in architecture, history, and preservation. Working in small groups, the students and their mentors have conducted many-layered research and production around the historical development, present conditions, and potential futures of three significant works of the Soviet architectural heritage in Tbilisi.
The exhibition will also host a series of discussions and presentations about the past and future of post-war Socialist Modernism in Tbilisi and the former state-socialist countries.

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