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Georgia, with its unique cultural history and stunning natural beauty, it has always been on the minds of intrepid travelers.
It has been named one of the safest countries for post-pandemic travel.

Georgia is waiting. So are we

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In kazbegi it's always exciting to observe celestial activities and lose yourself in the magic of star-gazing. And its best done from the mountains, where other sources of light do not interfere. Open plains of our immense green yard allow you to grab a blanket, a beverage to your liking, get comfortable and wait for the magic to happen.

Original Experiences in Kazbegi

In collaboration with Design Hotels, we present you Original Experiences in Rooms Hotel Kazbegi and its surroundings.

"When the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi opened in 2012, it finally brought city-worthy digs and amenities to the highlands of northern Georgia."


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At Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, the cuisine honors traditional Georgian dishes inspired by the mountainous terrain alongside European fare. We work with the region, collaborating with suppliers in the local town of Stepantsminda to serve seasonal dishes passed down through generations.

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Kazbegi Travel Experiences

The spectacular surroundings of Rooms Hotel Kazbegi permeate every aspect of the hotel - both tangible and experiential - the latter of which is catered for by a team of sublimely knowledgeable local guides.

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Events and Meetings Spaces

Amazing event spaces for your private or corporate events.
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