Modern Day Georgia vibrant, innovative and cosmopolitan, while still staying true to its roots.

A Hidden Gem

Whether in Stepantsminda, at the foot of the Caucasus mountains, or in the capital’s stylish Vera district – Rooms Hotels offer an authentic Georgian experience with an intoxicating blend of tradition and innovation.

A Blend of Cultures and Time

Located at the crossroads where East meets West and with a unique cultural history and stunning natural beauty, Georgia remains one of Europe’s last hidden gems.

Thanks to its position on the ancient silk route, Georgia’s cultural identity has been influenced by aspects of traditional Russian, Persian, Turkish, Armenian and Azerbaijan life – and more recently the former Soviet Union has left its mark.

Modern day Georgia is a place where futuristic glass and steel architecture sits side by side with centuries-old churches and mosques. Young fashion labels show progressive collections created using traditional fabrics while Georgia’s famous vineyards are nurtured by wine growers using techniques from over 8000 years ago.

Ancient Handicrafts and Modern Fashion

Design woven in

Setting the tone for Georgia’s design pedigree includes its famous brazenly-colored and geometrically-patterned handwoven carpets.

The history of carpet weaving in the Caucasus region dates back to the early 13th century. Over the centuries, traders from Istanbul to Athens have traveled to trade at the bustling Caravanserai – the Tbilisi bazaars. Despite these bazaars being shut down during Soviet times a number of local designers have kept the trade progressing.

While originals can still be found, vestiges from grandmothers or great-grandmothers, new rugs that stay true to the original design process and aesthetic are now being woven.

Home of the Arts

Georgia has always boasted rich history in the visual arts, but the gravitas of its contemporary art scene has recently become one of the country’s most valuable exports.

Represented in the premier blue chip galleries in the world, many of Georgia’s artists like Thea Djordjadze, Andro Wekua and Eteri Chkadua are pushing the envelope, drawing from personal, political and romantic inspirations.

Tbilisi is also developing its position in the arts through its efforts to bring international events, galleries and collectors to the capital. The pulse of contemporary art in the city can be measured by both the number of new galleries, and the hordes of artists moving to the city to find their inspiration.

Authentic Design and Natural Materials


Apart from their impressive cultural heritage and creative prowess, Georgians are renowned for their generous hospitality.

As a nation with a young and ambitious workforce eager to write the story of contemporary Georgia, staff are always ready to provide high levels of attentiveness and care so guests can make the most of their time in the region.

The Cultural Connection

In recent years, Georgia has taken a new approach to redeveloping areas of the country that were previously left out of the spotlight. Rooms Hotels has been a trailblazer in promoting culturally sensitive and value-driven redevelopment, which both supports and benefits the local community.

Vera, Tbilisi – A Bohemian Heaven

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi is located in Vera, a charming and historic quarter of the capital that has long been associated with artists and intellectuals. A hub for the young, creative crowd, an exciting new nightlife culture is evolving in Vera with destination bars and restaurants opening with growing frequency.

Located just steps from the hotel, the city’s famous Rustaveli Avenue reflects the many faces of modern day Georgia, where 19th century mansions rub shoulders with contemporary glass and concrete structures. Rustaveli Avenue is a key cultural destination in its own right, playing host to some of the country’s most prestigious cultural landmarks such as the Georgian National Museum and the Opera & Ballet Theatre.

The Vera Neighbourhood

STEPANTSMINDA: A Village Reawakened

Breathtakingly Beautiful

Nestled in the Caucasian uplands, Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is situated in Stepantsminda, the capital of Georgia’s Kazbegi region.

During Soviet times, the sleepy village was used as a mountain resort for the government officials of the socialist state. More recently Stepantsminda attracted only the most intrepid of travellers, undaunted by the lack of modern accommodation and limited accessibility. However, since the opening of Rooms Hotel Kazbegi in July 2012, the destination has re-emerged as a stunning and accessible resort for Georgians and international guests alike.

Explore Stepantsminda