Photo Story by Roberta Valerio

During their trip to Georgia, photographer Roberta Valerio and an author Sabine Bouvet created a beautiful story about the country, featuring Rooms Hotels.
Story was prepared for Air France's magazine - Madame

In the capital, Tbilisi, everything is decaying and run-down, but you can feel a powerful energy of renewal. It’s an enchanting city

Sabine Bouvet

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

"The sight of the hotel facing the mountain, across from an old monastery. The light was constantly changing, nearly mystical"

Roberta Valerio

Georgians seem to have an innate sense of relaxation, and Rooms Hotel Kazbegi exemplifes this lifestyle. The immense lounge, whose wide windows open onto the majestic landscape, is decorated with deep, cushy armchairs and sofas for aprèsski socializing. Even the ski trails are equipped with small bars, pulsing to the beat of Balkan electro—an invigorating blend of sport and nonchalance. We puff on a hookah while stretching out on a bench draped with Oriental rugs. This is the East, the crossroads of all cultures, and yet far from the world

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