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Have a look at our delicious winter menu and experience the varieties of our contemporary cuisine. All Prices Exclude 18% VAT.

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At The Kitchen, every dining experience is a modern retelling of our diverse culinary traditions, as told by the new guard of Georgian chefs. Our narrative? Local farm-to-table style with inspiration from contemporary cuisine. We know how to tweak the rules, we’re the country that came up with Orange wine, after all.

Farm to Table

We like to support the local community by locally sourcing as many products as possible. This includes meat, fresh fish, organic seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The History of Georgian Cuisine

Georgia’s cuisine is as diverse as the land itself drawing regional influence from the country’s western-Mediterranean-like-areas, the dramatic mountainous zones of the Caucasus Mountains and the eastern and southern neighbors including Persia and the Middle East.

With a focus on regional ingredients, classics dishes like Khinkali (broth filled dumplings), Khachapuri (cheese filled bread) and Mchadi (corn bread) have been passed down through generations. The new guard of Georgian chefs has been exposed to international methods and preparations that lend a sophisticated nuance to traditional flavors with an updated perspective and utilize re-discovered ingredients.

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