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On Our Health and Safety Standards and Travel Updates

The latest Georgia Updates for COVID-19 in Georgia

Due to the new government regulations, from December 1, 2021, only guests who provide Green Passes are allowed on the hotel and restaurant premises.

The Green Status is granted to those who meet one of the following criteria:

● Are fully vaccinated
● Have recovered from Covid-19 (14 days have passed after laboratory diagnosis)
● Provide negative PCR test results conducted within the last 72 hours
● Provide negative rapid test results conducted within the last 24 hours

The Green Pass requirement applies to all guests over the age of 18.

Find out more about the new regulations here

Health Safety Norms and Standards

In adherence to the requirements from the Georgian government, recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), we have made significant changes to our spaces, operations, and protocols of interaction. The new health safety norms and standards encourage physical distancing, prioritize enhanced cleanliness and sanitation, promote personal hygiene and responsibility, and make it possible to identify any health threats within our facilities immediately.

Physical Distancing

Transforming the public spaces of Rooms Hotels, we have:
● Reduced the number of tables at the restaurants so that our guests can follow the safety guidelines- advising individuals to maintain a healthy distance between themselves and others in social settings.
● Encouraged the guests of Rooms Hotels to make reservations before visiting to avoid overcrowding.
● Incorporated signs on the floors as reminders of maintaining physical distance while waiting in queues at the reception or the restaurants.
● Installed transparent glass guards at our reception desks to protect our staff members and guests from close physical interaction.
● Installed glass guards in the dining areas of Rooms Hotels buffets, which serve breakfast for guests.

Personal Hygiene and Responsibility

Following the regulations and recommendations of the Georgian government, WHO, and UNWTO, we ask our guests and employees to:

● Frequently wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based disinfecting solution
● Wear rubber gloves when required
● Avoid touching face, nose, and eyes at all times
● Avoid close contact with the infected
● Cover the face and nose when coughing and sneezing with a disposable handkerchief or a bent elbow.

Enhanced Cleanliness

To protect our guests and employees from COVID-19, we have intensified our cleaning and sanitation efforts.

● Every morning and after each use, restaurant tables and seats are cleaned with hospital-level antibacterial disinfectants
● We have installed hand sanitizers on the whole premises so that our guests and employees can disinfect their hands frequently
● We have replaced the print menus with disposable copies
● The menu at Lolita is also digitized, allowing guests to order via the mobile app easily
● All frequently touched surfaces and objects are cleaned with various disinfectants, while the guest room laundry is washed at higher temperatures (60C+).
● Every room is ventilated naturally for an extended period after a checkout. Additionally, an air freshener is used to rid the air of any infectious particles.
● All frequently used objects (e.g., remote controls, heating & cooling system panels) are covered with a layer of disposable plastic, which is replaced regularly.

Identifying Health Threats

To minimize the risks of spreading the Novel Coronavirus, all of our guests and employees go through mandatory thermal screening and step on the sanitizing doormat before entering Rooms Hotels. Special devices have been installed at the entrances of our buildings, and our staff is provided with the necessary equipment for measuring people’s temperature as they enter the premises.

All our employees are tested for Covid-19 every three days in adherence to the safety requirements of the Georgian government. Moreover, we have allocated a special room on the hotel’s premises, where our guests and employees are provided with Covid-19 testing opportunities any time of the day.

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