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Unrivaled by anything the city has to offer, Krtsanisi Residence takes a completely new approach to sophisticated, upscale living. Architecturally, its sleek, neo-futuristic design takes into account the surrounding environment, incorporating the natural landscape into its overall concept. Built high above the city, this exciting new development is set in a part of the city that offers unsurpassed air-quality, which underscores the healthy-living concept from which the project was born.

Urban living amid nature’s splendor

Situated within Tbilisi’s diplomatic district, in a secluded, tree-lined enclave, Krtsanisi Residence stands among distinguished company. Just a ten minute drive from the cultural gems of the Old City, the residence itself adjoins an area long favored by the country’s former political elite, who decades ago chose this prestigious location as a respite from the frenetic pace of Tbilisi’s urban landscape.


By pairing luxury with an unparalleled level of consideration for the environment, it caters to those who demand modern, cosmopolitan living without leaving an oversized carbon footprint. Krtsanisi’s close proximity to Tbilisi’s cultural and entertainment districts also makes it an ideal locale for those deeply engaged in city life.

“Architecture provides an important setting for everyone’s life. It must inspire and take responsibility.”

– Henning Larsen

In keeping with the project’s thematic eco-friendly underpinning, the world famous Henning Larsen Architectural firm was selected to develop the design of Krtsanisi Residence. Henning Larsen Architects is a company that takes great pride in designing environmentally-friendly and integrated energy-efficient solutions.

Exteriorly, each building is constructed using high-grade German bricks. Units are fitted with energy-efficient heat insulation, subsequently minimizing heat-loss during the cold months and retaining coolness throughout the hot months. All terraces are constructed using top-of-the-line African hardwood.

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