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Rooms Hotel Kokhta

Comprising 95 guestrooms, each offering stunning vistas of the lesser Caucasus range, Rooms Hotel Kokhta is a strikingly contemporary ski-in ski-out resort in winter and a gateway to Alpine experiences year-round. Here, a sleek structure set in the heart of mountain greenery showcases the design mastery of Rooms Hotels contributors Adjara Arch Group, as well as Rooms Studio, Tbilisi-based duo - Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia, who represent a new generation of Georgian designers.

A New Initiative

Georgia, with its unique cultural history and stunning natural beauty, it has always been on the minds of intrepid travelers.
It has been named one of the safest countries for post-pandemic travel.

Georgia is waiting. So are we

Open Fire Restaurant

The Food & Beverage program reflects modern culinary preferences with a strong connection to locally-sourced products and a hint of the traditional cuisine of the region. Like other Rooms properties, Kokhta boasts a full-service restaurant, a bar, and in-room dining. Additionally, the restaurant and bar spaces in the properties have been designed as a community anchor so that they are consistently filled with an interesting mix of both hotel guests and their visitors and local opinion leaders.


Design & Architecture

The concept of the hotel was inspired by its location Bakuriani - specifically, by vastness and wilderness of the mountains surrounding the hotel. The monumental atmosphere created by nature and the idea of being close to it, in itself - was the initial stimuli and inspiration behind the design concept.

This idea was reflected in our usage of locally crafted, old, natural materials like wood, stone, and clay - materials that, for centuries, were associated with Georgian heritage. We used these materials in their purest, most organic forms to revive a sense of primitivity and to highlight the permanence of nature.

Design-wise, we are mostly proud to have used locally produced custom made furniture and ROOMS bespoke Wild Minimalism pieces throughout the hotel.

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